Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Big Week

Since Alex has been really busy with Austin in the hospital, normal life and then getting ready for Houston, I thought I would post an entry for him. Austin, by the way, is doing great and back at school, missing the 24/7 pampering I'm sure. Today, Alex, Danielle, and my mom drove to Houston to begin the week of tests and results. Tonight they were meeting with Dr. Reardon, the surgeon who has done his previous surgeries. Dr. Reardon was scheduled to be out of town this week, so tonight was the only night he could meet with them. Yes, a doctor, surgeon at that, who makes house calls. Dr. Reardon is nothing short of extraordinary. So I am waiting to hear how that went. The conversation will be mostly hypothetical, since he will not have any of the recent test results, but he gives Alex and Danielle reassurance and peace of mind and they need that right now. The rest of the week will consist of tests to see what the chemo did to the tumor, if the cancer has spread and where he should go from here. So now we wait... and pray!!!! We will update once we know more.

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  1. we are praying for you all

    ((and you have email from me too))