Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy that life has kept me busy!!!

I really hate that I have not had a chance to update my blog since the end of May, but let me start by saying a lot has been going on...
First, I would like to recap an unbelievable kick-off event for The Alex Laynor Foundation on May 30th at Fuse.  Beyond the amazing support and time dedicated, even beyond the funds raised and the humble words of support, I was truly touched to see so many people participate and genuinely enjoy their time at the event.  The committee was truly incredible and the effort of everyone leaves me speechless.  From Mark and Krisleigh to initiate the idea, then Eric, Paige, and Michelle to truly drive the kick-off and dedicate so much time.  To Paul and Anne & Josh and Riley for attending even at a very uncomfortable period of the end of their pregnancy.  For my brother Mike for making the trip up and looking out for me.  I would also like to thank the incredible effort of Christi, Danielle's God sister, who was so amazing with all of the silent auction items that she had donated.  A special thanks to Winn, who as all of you know, is a friend and man who will always be there when you need him and his a man of his word.  There are no words to describe a man that is so generous and unselfish with his time and constant willingness to help.  The kick-off was another glorious evening full of sharing, catching up, being overwhelmed, but also a true blast.  Everyone really enjoyed catching up and I hope the event helped to re-connect a few old friends.
Unfortunately, a wonderful event was followed by the tragic death of Eric's brother Ted Delgado, who was an incredible father, husband, brother, son, and friend.  I can't help, but ask why to someone so young with a family that he took such pride in supporting.  I wish I words of comfort for Eric, his mother Rose, and Paige for their sadness, but to hear how they have taken this tragedy on with such bravery is such an inspiration.  Please pray for God to provide some comfort in all this pain and to provide some sense of understanding or acceptance to allow for some peace.  My heart truly aches for their loss and I can't help, but to realize how precious life and each day is whether you are sick or not.
I would like to end on a very proud comment about a 8ft. privacy fence that I just built with a lot of help from John, Bam Bam, Winn, Chris, Jeff, and my neighbor Mark.  It was an incredible effort, but extremely exhausting especially in this heat.  But I can't help but to sit back and enjoy my euphoric image of driving up to by backyard with such a work of art for a fence.  The dedication of Mark Ogle, Winn, and John with the help of Jeff for building an amazing gate was beyond generous, beyond kind, but more a gesture of true men willing to help out in a time of need.
My spirits are high, my body is still willing, but my emotions seem fickle...
I promise to update again soon, but know that all of you provide me with my inspiration for strength and each gesture or word of encouragement is well appreciated.

Happy Father's Day to those who know who you are and what it means...