Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something a little different...

First I would like to thank my sister for the concept that I am going to try and imitate. Besides the fact that she is religious about her blog, I love the fact that she has written a few of her blogs, as if she is writing a letter to her children.
So I would like to start by telling you Austin how much of an inspiration you were to me today. Not to say that I am not proud of you everyday, but today you showed my a courageous spirit that proved to me that you will be a noble and honorable man one day. Your patience, focus, and effort at your first National Qualifying Taekwondo Tournament was such an incredible experience that it gave me a sense of pride that I didn't expect to experience for a few more years. Even in the face of chaos, stress, and fear of an overwhelming chose to rise to the occasion and shine like a true Samurai Warrior. Must be some of that Laynor Japanese fighting spirit, Boos willingness to overcome odds, and McDaniel passion that allows you to dig deep. I want you to know that I would have been proud of you no matter what, but the fact that you showed a heart that overwhelmed me with emotion and a focus that showed the potential that you possess if you set your mind to it.
You gave our family honor today and I will always be proud to be your father no matter how long I am part of your life here on Earth or Heaven above.

Your Humble Father...
With All My Love,

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