Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Triumphant Evening
Now that I have had over a week to try and process the events that unfolded on the evening of April 4th at the Speakeasy in Austin, I still find myself at a loss of words for the heartfelt emotion of such an awe-inspiring occasion.
I love Shannon's recap and expressions of thanks to everyone that was involved that evening. If you have not had the chance to visit the website for the Austin event, please take a moment to reflect on the tab "How the Event Went".
She gives a great depiction of the extra effort and recognizes a few others besides the obvious, that I would also like to reiterate. Although, I would literally like to sit here and thank each and every one of you, individually, by name for attending or donating and each business for sponsoring, I felt that if I expressed my emotion about that evening in this note, my intention would get across.
First of all, once the evening got started for me it never seemed to stop. It was so amazing seeing such old friends and the wave of memories that came with each expression of everyones face was such a warm and welcomed sight. I, literally, caught myself stopping, multiple times that evening, and thanking God for such an opportunity to visit with old friends and re-kindle some great relationships.
Although brief, most of my encounters were very heartfelt and I was so inspired to hear how well everyone was doing. It was so nice to meet those significant others that could attend the event and I would like to say "thanks" to the significant others who allowed their spouse to escape for the weekend.
The most surreal moment of the evening came when I had the opportunity to step on stage and look out across the sea of friends, family, and other support there for a common cause. I hope my words that evening offered just a glimpse of the love in my heart For All Of You!
Being able to share such a difficult journey with friends as opposed to complete strangers seemed to be very theraputic and the compassion in the room was overwhelmingly supportive. That was truly such a monumental moment in my life, aside from the gracious donations, aside from the friends and family who attended, and aside from all the kind thoughts and generous prayers...there was such an energy about the evening that left me craving to be blanketed by that type of love, the type of Love that only God is capable of providing for us.
Incredible to see how beautiful all the ladies in our Judson Rockets' lives have remained and how bald & pudgy all the men have become (present company included). I was so grateful for all of my immediate family and extended family for attending and for their amazing contributions (Big up to Tiff and Shane, plus Kari and Brian for making the trip from Washington). I know my parents and step-parents were happy to see some of their old friends and were equally as appreciative for their support and candor. Of course, thanks, to old friends who traveled from Indiana, Florida, and Georgia....what an effort!!! It was so great to see the old Judson Soccer crew who played with more heart than any team I have ever known. It was such a special gift to visit with each and every one of you, no matter how brief, and I will never forget what everyone of you did for my family and me.
One last special thanks to Rhonda, who has one of the kindest, most generous hearts of any woman I know.
To Brandon, Fatty Monk, and The Speakeasy for my first and definitely last live performance on stage.
To Tiffany A., although I know we are family, your contribution and effort moved me to tears and is a testimony to how you live your life.
To Rafik...boys for life, your award winning personality, sense of humor, and ability to "work a room" is such a gift.
And To Shannon for your tireless dedication, unbelievable zest and drive, and for being such a blessing because without you none of this would have been possible!
And to everyone else that has given, continues to give, or has graced us with a blessing of any kind...thank you, I love you, and God Bless You!!!
Hopefully, between Shannon's site and, we will be able to keep everyone updated about my most current situation. I hope to also continue to share information about everyone as well, so please feel free to reach out to me through facebook, email, or by phone.
Til We Meet Again,
Alex :0)

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