Tuesday, April 21, 2009

One More Round

Although this weekend was a little rough, the Spurs victory last night helped give me some much needed energy.  Thanks Eric and Paige for having me over...
I have my last round of chemo this Friday, for this current cycle, and then I will get a little break until I go down to MD Anderson for the big check up in May.  Work has slowed down, but I am hoping things pick up in time for Mother's Day.
Don't forget to do something special or show your mother how much she means to you this Mother's Day.  I can't imagine my world without the love of my mother.  Although I know my mother knows my love for her, I don't know if I can ever express my appreciation for how much she has sacrificed her entire life.  Even moving up to Dallas to be closer to the grandkids and to give us some extra support which has proved irreplaceable.  Moms seemed to be taken for granted because their love is always present, never in doubt, and their love is endless.  I know that Danielle feels the same about her mom, Weida, and all of the wonderful things she is always doing for us.  It is these types of blessings that give us strength during this time....

Stay Healthy and Keep the Faith,

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